Race calendar

Races will be held every Saturday and Sunday every week, starting February 8th and 9th.
Saturday at 09.10 CET (9.10 AM CET) / 8.10 AM GMT / 0.10 AM PST / 0.30 AM EST)
Sunday at 18.00 CET (6.00 PM CET) / 5.00 PM GMT / 09.00 AM PST / 12.00 PM EST

Courses at this moment are:
Run 1: 3 km of the 5k Loop
Bike: Volcano Circuit CCW, 46.1 km
Run 2: 5 km, 5k Loop,

Saturday 22nd of February events:
Run 1: https://zwift.com/events/view/342323
Bike: https://zwift.com/events/view/342330
Run 2: https://zwift.com/events/view/342340

Sunday 23rd of February events:
Run 1: https://zwift.com/events/view/343573
Bike: https://zwift.com/events/view/343578
Run 2: https://zwift.com/events/view/343586

At the moment we can’t use the May Field track for running due to a bug (Zwift didn’t specify which one).

Courses should change with the weekends, every 2nd or maybe each weekend.