Series info & rules

Duathlon Zwift Race series is an ongoing race series, which is not limited in weeks or months, but with winners each weekend!

Every race will be held on two alternate days, Saturday and Sunday.

Your best overall time including the transition times count towards your best time in the weekend.
That also determines the winners of each weekend (not each day!), best time.
Do you need to sign up? Only for the team relay.

Race time slots

Races will be held every Saturday and Sunday every week.
Saturday at 09.10 CET (9.10 AM CET) / 8.10 AM GMT / 0.10 AM PST / 0.30 AM EST)
Sunday at 18.00 CET (6.00 PM CET) / 5.00 PM GMT / 09.00 AM PST / 12.00 PM EST

Run 1
Saturday start time: 09.10 CET (9.10 AM CET) / 8.10 AM GMT / 0.10 AM PST / 0.30 AM EST).
Sunday start time:
18.00 CET (6.00 PM CET) / 5.00 PM GMT / 09.00 AM PST / 12.00 PM EST.
Course: 3 km of the 5k Loop

Choose a category with you are confident you’ll finish the first run and catch the Bike part!

RUN 1 Categories
Run 1 categories are enforced. This won’t result in a DQ, but with an additional time penalty of +2 mins for each category for which you should have actually signed up for.
14.0 kph+
12.0-13.99 kph
10.0-11.99 kph
8 – 9.99 kph
You can run in a higher category with slower speed, but that is a risk
you take for missing the Bike part of the race!

For more easier Run 1 category choice we prepared a sheet with time, speed and pace calculations:

Starting times for Run 1 are separated per category.
+ 12 minutes
+ 7 minutes
+ 2 minutes
+ 0 minutes

Run 1 => Bike, +2 mins for everyone
Bike => Run 2, +2 mins for everyone

Saturday start time: 09.40 CET (9.40 AM CET) / 8.40 AM GMT / 0.40 AM PST / 1.10 AM EST).
Sunday start time:
18.30 CET (6.40 PM CET) / 5.30 PM GMT / 09.30 AM PST / 12.30 PM EST.
Course: Volcano Circuit CCW, 10 laps, 46.1 km

Bike categories are enforced! Yep, this can give you a DQ for the whole Duathlon race if you go over the w/kg category limit.

No gender differences, use your 95% of peak 20-minute power and divide by your weight in kg and pick the correct group.
4.0 W/kg to 5.0 W/kg
3.2 W/kg to 3.99 W/kg
2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg
Under 2.49 W/kg

Starting times are separated per category.
+ 3 minutes
+ 2 minutes
+ 1 minutes
+ 0 minutes

Bike start times, per category, don’t count toward transition/penalty times!

Run 2
Saturday start time: 10.55 CET (10.55 AM CET) / 9.55 AM GMT / 1.55 AM PST / 4.55 AM EST).
Sunday start time:
19.45 CET (7.45 PM CET) / 6.45 PM GMT / 10.545 AM PST / 1.45 PM EST.
Course: 5 km of the 5k Loop

Choose a category with which you are confident you’ll catch after the bike!

The higher the category, the smaller the transition time, less “time penalty”.
So, yes, for running categories it’s purely about time, we are not enforcing speed per category, like in the bike part!
Starting times are separated per category.
+ 0 minutes
+ 3 minutes
+ 6 minutes
+ 9 minutes

You can participate in any of the two available time slots in a week or both. Your best result will count in the final standings of the weekend!

Group categories

Your category determines in which category you should race in the bike part only!.
This also means that if you get upgraded by during the league, you must race in the according category in the bike part! calculates your position in the standings and your category every 90 days on a rolling basis. So even if you downgrade yourself in (yes it’s possible, in your profile) you will get an auto-upgrade in the next calculation if you exceed the category limits.

If you are new and didn’t race yet or don’t know your category use your FTP and divide it by your weight in kilograms and pick the correct category.
4.0 W/kg to 5.0 W/kg
3.2 W/kg to 3.99 W/kg
2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg
Under 2.49 W/kg

But do note, if upgrades you, because you also raced other races and you exceed the category limits, the strikes are obsolete. We use category limits.

Categories for run-parts

Are used purely for transition times or “penalty times”. Like in real life races, transition times are added to your total time.
But as we can’t simulate this yet in Zwift, we switched this around.

Race settings for the bike part

Double draft: ON
View only race participants: ON
Power-ups: OFF

Mandatory requirements

  1. Heart rate monitor
  2. Smart trainer or power meter for the bike part
  3. Participants must be registered on with obligatory OPT-IN in Profile.
    How to register and opt-in (instructions): Link 1, Link 2.

Any requirement not meet from above is an automatic disqualification. Non-negotiable. Non-discussable.